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Hi Fondarific Team!
I ordered some samples last Thursday, and I got them today (Monday). First of all, that has to be the fastest shipment I’ve ever received! You all are amazing! Secondly, I didn’t think it was possible to make fondant taste this good. I always heard great things about Fondarific, that it is deliciousness, but oh my gosh it’s like candy! I’m currently an art student at UT Arlington, and hopefully by 2012 I’ll be enrolled at the CIA (in New York). As a college student I can’t afford too much right now, but once I get my next paycheck I know what I’ll be spending it on. You’ve definitely gained another customer for life! Thank you so much for giving us fondant we don’t have to peel off and throw away!

– Thiel Hite

I just want to thank you so much for the fondant. It arrived a day earlier on Thursday so I was extremely happy that I didn’t have to cramp to get the cake done. I used to make my own marshmallow fondant but it was just too much work so I started buying fondant and it just tasted aweful and it was really hard to have a blemish-free cake. I’m so happy to discover fondarific! I love how fresh and good the fondant tasted. I love that it doesn’t stick, just smooth and delicious. Thank you for the wonderful customer service, speedy shipping and wonderful product!

– Jenny

I disliked using fondant due to the taste. People almost always push it aside. Recently I discovered Fondarific and it was a hit. The only problem I foresee is I might eat it all while working on the cake. When I opened the Buttercream flavor, the smell was incredible. The various flavors are great. The store where I found this gives samples. I think they are getting suspicious of all my visits to their store.

– Dot Stinemetze

I had heard of Fondarific at our local cake shop but hadn’t worked with it. I helped a friend of mine make a cake and she had Fondarific. All I have to say is it is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!!!!! I made my very first fondant cake this past weekend using Fondarific. Oh My Gosh! … what a wonderful product! It rolled out beautifully and the taste and texture were more than I could imagine! I used it to make a 2-tier polka dot cake and my 11 year old niece was the hit of the party with her cake. I even covered the cupcakes. I will use Fondarific as my fondant of choice. Thank you for such a great tasting, pliable product.

– Ashley M.B. Lampp

Hi my name is Danielle Cruz and at the take the cake show I was given a sample of your gum paste to try and give feed back on. Well I love it!!:) it takes color well, doesn’t crack like other gum pastes I’ve used in the past like Wilton or even satin ice. So ill be looking forward to it coming out on the shelves:) thank you so much!!

– Danielle Cruz

Fondarific is Terrific! I ordered Fondarific for the first time last week and had to have it delivered very quickly. You have the best customer service and I received my ordered promptly! I have worked with regular fondant for years but always had customers peel it off the cake and leave it on the plate! I can truly say that at my daughter’s 10th Birthday party there wasn’t any Fondarific left on the plates! All 23 children and 10 adults loved it. I is very easy to work with and colors easily too! The best part is the flavor and texture! Besides my order of Chocolate and Buttercream I used some of the wonderful samples you sent. The fruit flavors were great as well as the mocha . I cannot wait to try flowers and other edible works of art with Fondaricfic. I will recommend it to my friends and customers. What a great product!

– Selena Wiseman
(Carolina Girl in California)

Would you believe it was my very FIRST time working with fondant…I’ve never even decorated a cake beyond slapping on some store bought frosting with a blunt knife! I’m making giant Lego bricks with the little nubs on top and the fondant draped beautifully and the nubs really stand out! If fondarific can help me create something this great, I can only imagine it’s potential in the hands of a professional!

– Alexa Hymowitz

AMAZING product!!! I may never use frosting again. Frankly, I don’t like the taste or texture of any kind of frosting…I used a tiny bit of ganache under the cake. Also, did I mention that I really think that fondarific tastes great! I really don’t like fondant (even the one on my wedding cake!) and I actually like this. I used mostly vanilla flavor, but I couldn’t stop eating the cherry sample right out of the bag, LOL!

– Alexa Hymowitz

I just wanted to say my wife wanted a cake. So I made her a yellow cake with mocha butter cream and your mocha chocolate fondant. She is in heaven. Said it tasted like a fresh cup of coffee. Success at last…

– Ty Kris

I love Fondarific! I discovered this fondant about 3 weeks ago and I will never use any other. It taste wonderful and is so easy to work with. IF YOU DON’T TRY THIS YOU WILL REGRET NOT USING THIS ONE! I have tasted and used the Vanilla, Butter Cream and Coffee Mocha. I’m sold…… THE BEST EVER!!!!

– Julie Jelinski

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